High School

**This offers a list of most offered courses.  Actual courses will be discussed at Family Meetings.**

**Supply Lists can be found by clicking on each class**

**If Summer Reading is Required, it is listed beside each class.  Find the requirements by clicking the link**

Math Courses:
  • Algebra 1B
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Advanced Functions & Modeling
  • Consumer Math
English Courses: 
  • English I       *Summer Reading Required*
  • English II      *Summer Reading Required*
  • English III     *Summer Reading Required*
  • English IV     *Summer Reading Required*
Science Courses: 
  • Earth & Environmental Science
  • Biology
  • Physical Science
  • Chemistry
  • American Government      *Summer Reading Required*
  • World History                      *Summer Reading Required*
  • US History                            *Summer Reading Required*
Electives/ Other Classes
  • Ag/ Shop Classes
  • Computer Applications
  • Weightlifting
  • Health & PE
  • Art
  • Film Criticism
  • Yearbook