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Athletic Eligibility


To be eligible a student must pass seven (7) subjects per semester.  If taking four (4), he or she must pass 100% of all courses taken to be eligible for the next semester, and that student must maintain a 77 average each six weeks.  If grades drop below the 77 average, the player is suspended from play until the three-week progress report.  The progress report determines whether the student resumes play or remains on suspension until the end of the six-week grading period. A student may not have below a 70 in more than one subject per six weeks. A student must not receive an Incomplete (I) in two or more classes.  “I” grades can be removed upon the completion of the work needed to remove the “I” grade.  If the “I” grade is removed with a passing grade, athletic eligibility will be restored on the day that the grade is removed and recorded in the Headmaster’s Office.  Students who have an average of 70 or below in a required class twice will be ineligible for play unless overall average for course is above 70.  The student may continue to practice with the team while on suspension.  However, practice is not required if parents think the student should concentrate on academics.  A suspended player is not required to attend away games; however, for all home games, the player will dress appropriately, and sit with the team. Injured athletes that have required medical attention must have a doctor’s note before they will be allowed to return to practice or play.


 A player will not be eligible if they are 19 years old by October 16 of that school year.  A player is eligible for 8 semesters of participation running consecutively from the time he or she enters the ninth grade.


All transfers must at least attend three (3) practices before playing in the first game and meet all eligibility standards.  A student transferring from one T.I.C. member school to another will be ineligible to play the remainder of the current season, unless his or her parents relocate or special permission is granted by the full membership of the conference.  There is a 90 day waiting period between sports from all transfers within the TIC.





If a player receives two (2) “N”s on conduct from two (2) different teachers on his/her report card, the player is suspended for the two (2) games.  The player will dress and sit with the team for home games but will not travel to away games.


On the court misconduct, technical fouls, and ejections will be handled according to high school rules, coach’s rules, and T.I.C. rules and regulations.


Individual misconduct of a player will be handled by the coach and, if necessary, by the athletic director, head of school and the Board of Directors.  Behavior or misconduct, which will result in an ejection and disciplinary action, is, but not limited to 1) Fighting, which includes but is not limited to, combative acts. 2) Taunting and /or baiting. 3) Profanity directed towards an official, coach or opponent. 4) Obscene gestures, including gesturing in such a manner as to intimidate. 5) Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official.  Students who are ejected from a game will be suspended from two games as written in the NCISAA rule book.  Furthermore, PCA students who receive three technical fouls in one season will be ineligible for play until the student has met with the PCA Board of Directors.

Athletic Suspensions


Discipline will play an important role in athletic eligibility.  Student athletes are role models for younger students in the school community.  Student athletes should understand that extracurricular activities, such as the interscholastic sports program, are a privilege and a not a right.  Therefore, they should conduct themselves in a well-behaved manner.


Student athletes will be suspended from participating in the team’s next scheduled contest for the following reasons:

  1. Serving an Out of School Suspension for any reason;

  2. Receiving more than three misconduct reports during the team season.

  3. Failing to comply with team rules.  This decision is at the discretion of the head coach with the approval of the Director of Athletics.


Players are expected to attend all practices.  Coaches should be notified prior to absence.  Excuses should be in writing or by phone by the parents or player to the coach so the player will not be penalized.


Excused absences will be: 1) sickness 2) medical appointment 3) funerals and 4) school activities.

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