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2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR


The following monthly payments reflect tuition and fees.  There will be additional prices for books (which will be decided by curriculum choices) and busing.    



            5-day Kindergarten through 5th Grade                12 months    $411.25 Monthly

            ($27.42 per day)                                                                    $2,467.50 Semi Annually                                                                                                                                                                          $4,935.00 Yearly


            6th Grade through 12th Grade                             12 months    $466.67 Monthly

            ($31.12 per day)                                                                   $2,800.00 Semi Annually                                                                                                                                                                           $5,600.00 Yearly


            5-day Pre-K                                                     10 months    $510.00 Monthly

            ($28.34 per day)                                                                   $2,550.00 Semi Annually

            Includes lunch and snacks                                                     $5,100.00 Yearly


            3-day Pre-K                                                     10 months    $396.00 Monthly

            ($36.12 per day)                                                                   $1,950.00 Semi Annually

            Includes lunch and snacks                                                     $3,900.00 Yearly


**Please note:  We also offer before and after school care daily from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 3:00-5:00 p.m. if needed.  Separate fees apply for this service!


New Pre-Enrollment Fees (per student) $100.00 if paid by April 1st:

After April 1st = $150.00

After May 1st = $200.00

After June 1st = $250.00

After July 1st = $300.00


Pre-K enrollment fee is $100.00.


Enrollment fee is non-refundable and not applied to tuition.


MEMBERSHIP FEE:  $400.00 – This is a one-time fee per family with student(s) in grades Kindergarten through Twelfth if paid in full at time of enrollment, or $500 which will be paid in five (5) consecutive monthly payments of $100 each.  Membership fee is waived for children whose parents or legal guardians are graduates of Pungo Christian Academy.


BUS/VAN SERVICE:  $945.00 per family – add additional $78.75 per month for twelve months to above monthly payment if you require bus/van service. Pre-K families will add $94.50 to the monthly payment if you require busing/van service.






            1st child in family                                 Full Tuition

            2nd child in family                                 $400 discount

            3 or more children in family                  ½ tuition


NOTE:  Tuition will be the full amount within the first 30 days.  After that, it will

               be pro-rated on a per day basis. 



The tuition can be paid monthly, by semester, or in one payment due by the first day of school.  If balance is paid in full by the first day of school, amount will reflect a 5% discount.  If tuition is paid monthly, it is due by the first of the month, beginning in June, and is spread over 12 months for a student enrolling for the entire school year.  Also, effective June 1, 2023 all accounts paid on a monthly basis MUST be set up on auto-draft!! All accounts must be kept current.  If an account is over 30 days past due, the student(s) could be dismissed from school.  Accounts that are over 30 days will be assessed a 1.5% monthly finance charge or 18% per year.


NOTE:  Book fees will be determined by curriculum choices.  All students that return books in good condition will receive a credit of 75% of book value towards next year’s book purchase, or you have the option of selling books to a rising student.





  1. The Academy is a Christian School but not sponsored by a church.  Since we have children from many denominations enrolled in our school, our Bible classes offered Pre-K through 12th grade, focus on Bible history and facts, not doctrine.  Christian habits and attitudes are reinforced by the examples set by our faculty and staff.  There will also be daily devotions in grades Pre-K through 12th.


  1. The Academy sponsors several fund-raising projects throughout the year.  Participating in these projects is not a requirement but is strongly encouraged since the tuition pays only a portion of the total operational costs of the Academy.


  1. The average teacher-student ratio in our class is 1-10.


  1. The Academy has a strong academic curriculum.  The A Beka Program is used in Grades K3-8.  There is a heavy emphasis on preparation for college for students.  At least 95 percent of our graduates (and often all of the graduates from a class) continue their education at one of our colleges or universities.


  1. We at the Academy emphasize parental involvement and encourage parents to volunteer in our classrooms.  We have an active Academy Education Association composed of parents and faculty members.  We also have an active Booster Club that not only administers the complete sports program of the Academy but also sponsors projects and activities for the elementary students.


  1. Because of the small size of our student body and the fact that the school is housed in one building, there is a close relationship among the students of all ages.  The older students serve as positive role models for the younger children.


  1. The school was founded in 1968.  This is our 55th year of operation.


  1. The Academy is on a six-weeks marking period with report cards going out at that time.  There are two grading periods that require parents to pick up their child’s report cards.  In addition to regular report cards, students in the primary grades take home folders containing their homework, classwork, and tests each week.  Please implement our Sycamore program to monitor your child’s grades, assignments, and daily progress.


  1. Hot lunches are available every day through the cafeteria.


  1. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES.  The Academy sports program includes girls JV and Varsity volleyball, boys soccer, girls golf, JV and Varsity football and cross country for both boys & girls in the fall; JV and Varsity hunter safety team and basketball in the winter – Middle School Boys, Middle School Girls, JV boys, JV Girls, Varsity Girls, and Varsity Boys.  In the spring we have middle school, JV and Varsity Softball/Baseball, boys golf and girls soccer.

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